Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oh No - it's OJ!

A few comments about OJ's recent troubles:

1) FORD missed a golden opportunity for product placement here - why not pick him up from the courthouse in a white courtesy Bronco?

2) OJ has apparently asked if people really think he's so stupid that he would openly try to rob someone. Yes. Yes we do think you are that stupid. And narcissistic.

3) OJ has also been quoted as saying that he didn't do anything wrong; he had the right to get back what was his. Add the word "at" after the word "what" and I think we have a pretty good idea what was going on in his head when he killed his wife.

It will be interesting to see how he plays the victim card this time around.

Speaking of victims - - how happy is Britney Spears to have OJ on the front page? She has a few weeks to get her act together before the media gets back to her. I hope she uses it wisely! (I suggest a correspondence course and an outfit that suits a mother of two.)

1 comment:

Ann(ie) said...

Oh girlie...I LOVE this post. So right up my alley!! Someone left this comment on my blog and I'm going to pass it on b/c I don't think I could say it better myself:

OJ is a douche if there ever was a douche.

And I love the Bronco idea!!!! heeeheeeeeeeeee!