Sunday, April 29, 2007

French New Wave cinema? Or Transcript from Boohbah episode?

An actual transcription of a Boohbah's episode...enjoy. Wear tight black lycra bodysuit, a monocle, and read in a monotone voice-over after a few drinks for maximum effect.

A window.
Someone's coming.
It's brother and sister.
Sister closes the curtain.
Brother closes the curtain.
Where's sister?
Two windows.
Someone's coming.
It's Grandmama.
It's Sister.
It's Grandpapa.
It's Sister again.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Boohbahs Exposed

Regarding my previous "Separated at Birth" post: I've received a fair number of emails lately, primarily asking, "What IS that blue thing?" That, my friends, is a Boohbah. When the Teletubbies get together after work and drop acid, they see Boohbahs. For drug-free fun, click here and see what the newborn set is agog over these days. The sound is simple but engaging, too. Good times.

To me, they look a little sexual. I'm just saying.

My husband and I have a special affinity for the Boohbahs since we first encountered them after our first or second night home with the newborn. After a night of no sleep, we watched, completely mesmerized for a few minutes. We eventually snapped out of it, and started adding our own voices, imagining what the (most likely classically- trained, waiting for their big break) actors in the Boohbah suits must be wondering about their own characters: "But what's my motivation to look to the left?"

In case you're wondering, my favorite is Zing Zing ZingBah.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Why I'll Keep the Dog


Here's one good reason why I tolerate our wonderful dog: the baby clearly thinks he's hilarious.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Proof That She's Mine...

She may look like her dad, but she eats like her mom. Luckily, her cute dress was pink, so the Peep stains blended right in...

Just before the Peeps fell victim to chubby little hands (and she's still only nursing! I can only imagine what she'll try to shove in her little mouth after she's actually TRIED solid foods).

Sunday, April 8, 2007

What Would Jesus Do?

As it turns out, LOTS of people like to color eggs on Easter, and they all bought eggs and white vinegar before we did. Still, I was a little surprised when Brendan called from Kroger and announced that there were no eggs to be found. Anywhere. In the city. At all.

After I'd promised the 8-year old a night of egg coloring fun to take the sting out of the 11-year old's absence (she's with her mom and family in Michigan for Easter. Joint custody can be amiable, but that doesn't make it fun.)


We had 6 eggs in the fridge, but plans for Mom's Morning Strata, so we strategically bought some Egg Beaters and explained patiently that really, you only need to color about 6 eggs to have a good time.

It worked. She had a blast.

This morning, as I reached into the fridge to grab the Egg Beaters we bought last night, my arm brushed up against a styrofoam carton. A complete dozen eggs.

"Did you know these were in there?"

"They couldn't have been there yesterday. I would have noticed. I wouldn't have run around town looking for eggs if they'd been there."

An Easter Miracle, indeed.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Why 8 Is Great

Although she received tons of lovely birthday gifts (and she WILL be sitting down to write thank you cards to everyone very soon), my now 8-year old went outside yesterday by herself in the freezing weather, and asked if she could use the trash in the recycling bin.

She later explained the necessity of this bird house for the birds to get out of the cold:

Of course, being the cruel parents that we are, we made her take it apart later, as we looked like the white trash neighbors.

But she recuperated quickly and had a sleepover with her good friend Anna last night; they're two peas in a pod - very dramatic. They were pooling their money last night ($28.03 thanks to recent birthday money) to try to hire the Naked Brothers Band to play Anna's birthday in May. So optimistic - when I told them it would be thousands of dollars, they said, "Well, we'll have a bake sale."

Given some cardboard and some markers, they'd have a clubhouse within minutes. I'm used to that. But today, after they'd played outside, we found this on the driveway:

I didn't ask her what it meant, because I'm sure the elaborate drama was just outside of my adult realm of understanding.

I'll miss these days as they are slowly replaced with complaining about school, and boys, and who called who a bitch on the playground. For now, I'll take cardboard birdhouses, impossible dreams, and an inexplicable SOS sign made of sticks.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Brownie Thursday

Overheard yesterday at our 2nd grade Brownie meeting while we discussed food chains and habitats:
"We don't need the sun to live. We would just live in the dark."

My co-leader absolutely rocked as she explained food chains on a white board, and patiently explained WHY we do, truly, honestly, need the sun to live. For my part, I was No-Patience Sally and finally just yelled at this particularly heinous child,
"If we didn't have the sun, the world would become cold and dark and we'd all die, even you."

Maybe next week, we'll talk about the Bird Flu.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Do they make baby wigs?

Out of respect for the birthday girl yesterday, I held off on these cute pictures of her baby sister.

April Fool's Day last year was a pretty interesting one, as I told my husband I was expecting, and he thought I was kidding. For hours.

But here she is, happy as a pea, at precisely 4 months old. No joke.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Happy Birthday, JoJo - No Foolin'!

My wonderful, crazy 7-year old is now my wonderful, crazy 8-year old, as she is an April Fool's Day baby. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :) Birthday pics will be posted later, I'm sure. She still sucks her thumb, but changes are afoot, slowly but surely. On Wednesday, she marched her little self upstairs and did all of her homework (Wednesday night homework is usually excrutiating for all of us, as it is using spelling words to write sentences. It's usually hours of searching for just the right sentence idea, then erasing every single word when one little mistake is made on a letter. Her teacher made the mistake of telling her she had S+ handwriting, and every since then, she's so afraid to disappoint him that every letter has to be perfect.)

But Wednesday, she didn't emerge until it was FINISHED. Wonderful, witty sentences, using correctly spelled, perfectly written words. I complimented her on doing it all by herself, and she said,
"Mom, I'm almost 8-years old. Some things are going to have to change around here."

Then she packed her backpack with one hand, because her thumb was back in her mouth.