Thursday, August 2, 2007

A Golden Oldie

R.I.P. Bridey

Got word tonight that Bridey, my in-laws' wonderful 3-legged Golden Retriever, passed away today. I only hung out with Bridey a few times over the last few years, but she was a lesson in patience and perseverance...what a complete sweetheart. I know her family will miss her terribly. If you've lost a pet, you can understand the grief that accompanies the death of a faithful family friend.

Lindsay will be upset, but Johannah will be devastated, so I can only imagine how Bridey's family feels.

It's amazing to me how our pets weasel their way into our lives and our hearts. Johannah fell head over heels for a 3-legged dog within minutes of meeting her. (She was so taken with Bridey that I had to convince her NOT to cut off the 4th leg of her stuffed animals in tribute. I'm not kidding.)

We rescued our Golden, Duke (through a great organization, GRRAND) in large part because of Johannah's love for Bridey. Molly's first laugh was because of Duke, and even when he drives us crazy, I think about how sweet and loving Bridey was, and I have to give Duke a little extra love. She influences us daily, and she never even knew.

So rest in peace, Bridey.

Good dog.

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Ann(ie) said...

=o( So sorry.

RIP Bridey.