Tuesday, July 24, 2007

California Girl (Temporarily)

A nice picture of the sisters #1-#3 after Sarah's show...

Back from a whirlwind weekend in Pasadena, California with two of my lovely sisters (#2 & #3 for those who are counting). Although I desperately missed my kids and my husband (who called frequently not because he needed anything, but just because he wanted to share cute Molly-isms), I did as I was told and relaxed. I learned several interesting facts this weekend:

1) "Just Groovy" by OPI is a fine shade of blue for a pedicure by a little Korean woman named Cindy, especially when it is sponsored by your sister, 15 minutes after landing in Burbank.

2) Coffee tastes better when it is sipped slowly in a living room, listening to hilarious stories by your brother-in-law.

3) Pasadena isn't the "LA" I envisioned. It's a nice normal place to live, except it costs about 8 times more than Pleasant Ridge.

4) Pilates is a fun class when it's taught by a sister!

5) Not just anyone can perform Shakespeare well...luckily, my sister Sarah is one of those few - - an outstanding Titania!

6) Working for Disney is as cool as I imagined, and not just because the Commissary kicks culinary ass. (Although my family does value good food quite highly.)

7) The Equinox gym in Pasadena is just like the YMCA I go to in Cincinnati, except there are no fat people. At all.

8) When you want to quit nursing a baby, it helps to actually LEAVE the baby for 3 days. Suddenly, my regular tops fit again! Woo-hoo!

9) Jason at the Burke Williams Spa may have changed my life. NOW I see why people get massages. Goodness me.

10) Skybus is the way to fly if you're into cheap flights!

11) The film industry is crazy. Listening to my brother-in-law Alex describe the hoops that must be jumped through just to get people on board for a project is mind-blowing.

12) My sisters and their husbands are truly interesting, talented people and I wish we all lived closer to each other!

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Sarah said...

Wahhh!! I wish you lived closer, too!!!