Sunday, April 1, 2007

Happy Birthday, JoJo - No Foolin'!

My wonderful, crazy 7-year old is now my wonderful, crazy 8-year old, as she is an April Fool's Day baby. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :) Birthday pics will be posted later, I'm sure. She still sucks her thumb, but changes are afoot, slowly but surely. On Wednesday, she marched her little self upstairs and did all of her homework (Wednesday night homework is usually excrutiating for all of us, as it is using spelling words to write sentences. It's usually hours of searching for just the right sentence idea, then erasing every single word when one little mistake is made on a letter. Her teacher made the mistake of telling her she had S+ handwriting, and every since then, she's so afraid to disappoint him that every letter has to be perfect.)

But Wednesday, she didn't emerge until it was FINISHED. Wonderful, witty sentences, using correctly spelled, perfectly written words. I complimented her on doing it all by herself, and she said,
"Mom, I'm almost 8-years old. Some things are going to have to change around here."

Then she packed her backpack with one hand, because her thumb was back in her mouth.


Liz said...

happy birthday jo!! :)

yerdoingitwrong said...

That letter is pricless. =)

Happy Birthday to your Angel!!

teaii said...

happy birthday, jo, from a fellow fool!

Caro said...

My daughter turns eight on the 12th. They say the funniest things.