Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Boohbahs Exposed

Regarding my previous "Separated at Birth" post: I've received a fair number of emails lately, primarily asking, "What IS that blue thing?" That, my friends, is a Boohbah. When the Teletubbies get together after work and drop acid, they see Boohbahs. For drug-free fun, click here and see what the newborn set is agog over these days. The sound is simple but engaging, too. Good times.

To me, they look a little sexual. I'm just saying.

My husband and I have a special affinity for the Boohbahs since we first encountered them after our first or second night home with the newborn. After a night of no sleep, we watched, completely mesmerized for a few minutes. We eventually snapped out of it, and started adding our own voices, imagining what the (most likely classically- trained, waiting for their big break) actors in the Boohbah suits must be wondering about their own characters: "But what's my motivation to look to the left?"

In case you're wondering, my favorite is Zing Zing ZingBah.

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