Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar Oscar

They were way too long, and a little pretentious, but damn it, I love me some Oscar.

I thought Ellen was great, and it was a kinder, gentler awards.

Loved the dance troupe; very quick, clever, and to the point. I kept yelling things to my husband, who was in the bedroom: "Cool! They're making a shoe!"

Very very happy for Best Short "West Bank Story" - my college roommate's husband was one of the leads, so I was happy on his behalf.

Favorite bit - Jack Black, Will Ferrell, and John C. Reilly's song. Loved the homage to Helen Mirren, and she seemed to get a kick out of it. How they managed to be so cool and collected in front of a BILLION viewers is beyond me. Funny lyrics and flawless. Good to see Marc Shaiman at the piano.

Other favorite bit - Al Gore's attempt to be funny. I thought he was about as funny as Al Gore can get.

Was rooting for most of the winners, and was so psyched that Alan Arkin won. He seemed genuinely shocked and humbled. Loved how awkward Abigail Breslin was through the entire night. Happy for Jennifer Hudson, but am now officially OVER IT.

Diane Keaton is my hero. Is she the most gorgeous woman ever?

Dresses: Reese Witherspoon looked beyond stunning to me. Divorce agrees with her. Also loved Kate Winslet's dress. Jodie Foster looked great, too. Kate Blanchett. Hubba hubba.

Men: Leonardo is growing on me - he is getting more handsome as he ages. Forest W.'s speech was sweet and a little out there, as I think he is. Steve Carrell is so darn cute. Greg Kinnear: take me. Haven't you gotten my calls?

Actresses who should not be shot in High Def after recently getting Botox and collagen- Nicole Kidman. I could bounce a quarter off of her face.

Beautiful but looked pregnant in her dress: Jennifer Lopez.

It was long, but it's once a year, for Pete's sake.

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