Friday, February 16, 2007

Less than a month before I return to work, and a more normal schedule. As much as I hate to admit it, I am more productive when I am so over scheduled that I can't see straight. How this will play out with a three month old baby, I have no idea, and no choice. I'm worried about how the breastfeeding and pumping will go - everything I've read talks about the possibility of having your baby brought to you at work to breastfeed(now THAT would be interesting in a classroom full of 14 year olds), pumping on the same schedule you would be feeding, or trying to work from home. Sounds great, but completely impractical on a teacher's schedule, which inevitably dictates even your bowel's schedule. (Don't believe me? Ask a teacher. Your body becomes very quickly accustomed to those 3 minutes between classes and your 20 minute lunch period.)

So on top of this impending schedule shift, whereby I will be looking out at a sea of fresh faced 14-15 year olds instead of focusing on my beautiful baby's face held at arms' length, I've decided to try Tracey Mallett's new program. As part of the test group, I will follow her "healthy eating plan" - a possible throwback to Richard Simmons' "Deal a Meal" - and her workout schedule and dvd. I am to keep track of my results, feelings, and opinions, and then let her know. She may or may not be able to use some of my comments in her fitness book when all is said and done.

My first workout was last night, and although my initial reaction to the workout was skepticism -like pilates with weights - this morning I am SORE. So it must be working!! More as it happens...

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Rockin' Hejabi said...

I worked and pumped. I returned to work 40 days after my baby was born. I was fortunate enough to be able to see her after three hours at work so we could nurse, then I was at work for another 2 hours, then home (I was overseas in a country where for the first year after a baby is born ALL working women are granted "nursing hours"; 2 hours out of your day to be with your baby!).
I DID pump as well, but not while at work. I left my baby milk just in case she couldn't deal with the 3 hours then 2 hours schedule away from me. It all worked out great.

I also am a lactation counselor with training and experience, and am a La Leche League leader-in-training...if you need ANYTHING just ask!