Saturday, June 14, 2008

Don't Diss the Disney Magic!

For all the non-believers in the Disney magic out there, you just hush up your mouths while I tell a little tale of a family vacation with no mishaps or major meltdowns - - just plenty of Mickey Mouse and ridiculously friendly and competent Disney employees. No one does customer service better than the folks at Disney, and I have to say that this year was the friendliest, most pleasant trip in a long time. Ears off to you, Disney cast members!

We were lucky to be with Meagen and Dave for the first few days, which the kids just couldn't get over. Molly wept for "MeeMee" well after they had gone home! They really helped us get into the swing of things quickly. The older girls took it upon themselves to make sure Molly had the time of her life, and as long as the characters weren't moving towards her, she really seemed to love it. Of course, she loved feeding a bunny a potato chip at the resort just as much as she loved It's a Small World...

The older two seemed to love every minute of it. Lindsay couldn't believe "the system" worked - - at the park when it opens, home to swim and nap between 1-5, back to the park until late. Why people do it any other way is beyond me. For her part, Johannah conquered major anxiety and rode the "triple whammy" in Magic Kingdom of Thunder Mtn. Railroad, Splash Mtn, and Space Mtn. Poor kid is a little bundle of nerves until she gets on the ride, then ends up literally jumping for joy afterwards.

Even Brendan, bless his paternal patience, was duly impressed by the Disney empire, and now understands why we Thomas Gals love it so much - - though it's more fun now to watch the kids enjoy themselves.

Now all we have to do is eat Ramen noodles and carpool to work for the next three years so we can go back!

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Ann(ie) said...

I love that system!! I swear I'm gonna use it when we take the munchkin to Disneyland!!! You have the most beautiful girls. They always look like they really have fun together too!!!