Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gratitude and Apologies to Mom

I've been thinking about gratitude lately, and while I don't keep a gratitude journal as Oprah suggests, I do want to pause here to say how thankful I am for all of the wonderful people, blessings and opportunities I have in my life.

But most especially, I'd like to thank my mom, Delphine, for not killing me when I was 12 years old. Thanks, Mom.

Thank you for letting me live to experience the joy of raising my own girls, who are lovely children by all accounts, but who don't take direction all that well, and don't get my passive aggressive hints, such as vacuuming the floor right in front of them while they crane their necks to see the tv behind me.

I get it now, Mom.

1 comment:

Ann(ie) said...

haha! Amen to that!!